St John’s School operates on a continental day and therefore the students do not get to experience traditional school diners. Instead we have a tuckshop which is operated on as near a ‘not for profit basis’ as is possible, by our tuckshop manager Robin Millard. Any profits made are ploughed back into the school fund to buy rewards and other things for the students.

Students can access the tuckshop during three times in the day; before school for basic breakfast such as milk and cereal and at both breaks for a range of drinks, fruit, sandwiches, pasta pots and other basic snacks. In winter, warm foods are available such as soup and baked potatoes, whilst in summer, a small selection on freshly made wraps are usually available.

A good range of food can be purchased each day for between €1.50 and €2.

A typical daily menu

Cereals (with semi-skimmed milk)
Cornflakes 50c
Rice Krispies 50c
Weetabix 50c
Granola (snack pot with no milk) €1.00 (50c)
Cheerios (snack pot with no milk) €1.00 (50c)
Yoghurts and Fruit
Natural yoghurt & berries 85c
Cereal topping 35c
Fruit salad pot (100gms) €1.00
Seasonal fresh fruit various
Watermelon pot  €1.00
Juice Cartons 60c
Water 750ml 50c
Water 500ml 30c
Glass of milk 200ml 30c
Soya milk 75c
Chilled Snacks
Couscous & med’n veg €1.00
Wholewheat Pasta pots
(pesto/tuna/Chicken & bacon)
Small (110g) €1.20
Large (180g) €1.80
Snack pot houmous + pitta or veg sticks 80c
Sandwiches (White / brown bread ) A mixed number of sandwiches are freshly made daily
Tikka (Quorn) €1.50
Cheese/ham/cheese & ham €1.20
Egg mayonnaise €1.20
Tuna mayonnaise €1.40
Sandwiches  (Thick 50-50 bread)
Chicken tikka €1.50
Chicken & sweetcorn €1.50
Daily Special Sandwiches (various)
eg: All day breakfast/Chicken & stuffing/Corned beef & pickle/Chicken salad
Jacket Potatoes
Choose from baked beans, cheddar cheese, tuna mayo or chicken and sweetcorn €1.80
Additional toppings 60c
Salads (to order)
Basic Salad: Lettuce, cucumber, onion, tomato, carrot, cabbage €1.50
Chicken breast, tuna/tuna mayo, cheese, feta & olives, grilled halloumi €1.00
Hard boiled egg, sweetcorn 50c
Soup (in Winter months)
Soup of the Day, with pitta €1.60

You can now order on the day. Simply pay for your potato first break to collect second break.