Religious Education

The role of Humanities is to educate students to be able to independently question and challenge statements, investigate and form judgements, and explain and justify conclusions. They will achieve this through a rounded knowledge of the world, past and present, a wide range of thinking skills and he qualities of care, empathy and understanding.

RE at St John’s explores the big questions about life and the universe. This is done through a knowledge-rich interrogation of different beliefs and the ways these might influence people in their everyday lives. It enables pupils to understand and respect the worldviews of others and supports them to develop their own critical opinions about how the world around them ‘is’ and how they should act within it.

The ultimate aim of this enquiry is to educate all our young people to be philosophers who know and appreciate the views of both themselves and others and are fully prepared for life in the modern, multi-cultural world we live in today.


Students who choose to continue RE into Years 10 and 11 are prepared for external GCSE exams and follow the ‘AQA Religious Studies A’ course.

At KS5 students are prepared for external exams and follow the ‘OCR A-Level Religious Studies (H573)’ syllabus.