Our Mission, Aims and Values

Mission Statement

‘We are a unique community where learning and leadership ensures excellence for all’

Our Aims

  • To have outstanding learning in every lesson every day
  • To inspire responsibility, respect and enthusiasm in all
  • To provide a personal curriculum, that ensures all can thrive
  • To provide the tools to lead with confidence within a caring community
  • Empower and challenge all to achieve their full potential


Our Core Values

Excellence Learning Leadership
Be the best that we can be Excellent behaviour for outstanding learning Team work and cooperation
Respect others and do what is right Fully engage and try difficult things Listen to others and make thoughtful decisions
Take pride in yourself, your work and your environment Be organised and meet deadlines Seek responsibility
Make a positive contribution to the community Seek and act on feedback Use initiative
Be friendly, welcoming and helpful Try your best in all that you do Be a positive role model
SJS-and-KRS-Core-Values-Posters-Excellence SJS-and-KRS-Core-Values-Posters-Learning SJS-and-KRS-Core-Values-Posters-Leadership