Celebrating Success

The House System

All students are members of one of our two houses: Apollo and Poseidon.


Students collect points for their respective houses, which are rewarded through Epraise. Throughout the year the two houses compete against one another, as students look to demonstrate the core values of excellence, learning, leadership. Students can receive points through lessons, the use of their conduct card or through wider school events. These events include house competitions and opportunities to to participate and lead on the sports field, on the stage, as an artist, as a chef or as a designer to name but a few.


Student modelling of Integrity, Commitment and Respect are rewarded by teaching staff using an online rewards programme called Epraise.

Each student is given a login and password so that they can monitor how many points they have been awarded, in what subjects, and for demonstrating our values of Integrity, Commitment and Respect. These points can be used in the rewards shop to purchase items including stationary, cinema tickets and a computer tablet. Students are also presented with milestones certificates when they achieve a certain reward threshold.

All parents are also provided with their own login so that they can monitor their own child’s/children’s progress and achievements through Epraise. If you are a parent and have not already done so, please visit https://app.epraise.co.uk/stjohnscyprus/parents to activate your account.

To activate your account:

  • select ‘Parents’
  • add your email address and click register/login
  • you will receive an email from Epraise, which will contain a link for you to follow.

Should you have any difficulties please email: [email protected] 

Reward Auctions

At the end of each full term, all students are invited to attend a Rewards Auction. At each auction student’s are invited to bid for one or more prizes using their Epraise points as currency. Each auction is eagerly anticipated by students with previous prizes including:

  • Dinner for the family at a local Taverna
  • Smart Watches
  • Go Karting at Need for Speed
  • Computer Tablets
  • Beauty Treatments
  • Gift Vouchers for local and international shopping outlets.

Conduct Cards

Highly prized at Key Stage 3, students are provided with a small card, which allows a further way to collect points, which are subsequently recorded onto the Epraise system. Each week, students are able to cash in their card for a weekly prize, which can vary from a piece of fruit, to ice poles and/or donuts.