House System & ePraise



In January 2016 we introduced a new house system across both the St John’s and King Richard schools. All our students, from Years 7 to 13, governors and staff, are members of one of our two new houses: Apollo and Poseidon. These names were chosen, from many student suggestions in the ‘Name The House’ competition, as they reflect our unique learning communities in Cyprus.


The house structure aims to further promote achievement as well as contribute to the development of our students. We will acknowledge and reward the successes of our students in the form of house points (using the ePraise system). The house system will provide great opportunities for all students to receive these house points whether in lessons, in a house event, by demonstrating the schools Core Values or other achievements throughout school. The students will earn these points for their house as well as themselves and they can be spent in the ePraise shop.


Integral to the wider experiences open to our students is the range of opportunities they are given to achieve and develop as a whole person. The newly introduced house structure helps every one of our students to achieve this. The house system offers opportunities for students to both participate and lead on the sports field, on the stage, as an artist, as a chef or as a designer to name but a few.


The house system has been a very welcome addition to our already fantastic school and we look forward to seeing it go from strength to strength as both houses compete for The House Cup.

The ‘Name The House’ competition winners, working with a professional graphic

designer to develop new house logos for Apollo and Poseidon.

Rewards System

The house/reward points are awarded by teaching staff using an exciting online rewards programme called Epraise. (Please visit to find out more information).




Each student is given a login and password so that they can monitor how many house/reward points they have be awarded, in what subjects, and for demonstrating which of the schools Core Value. These points can be used in the rewards shop to purchase items including stationary, cinema tickets and a computer tablet. Students are also presented with milestones certificates when they achieve a certain amount of reward/house points.





All parents are also provided with their very own login so that they can monitor their own child’s/children’s progress in achieving house/reward points. If you are a parent and have not already done so then please visit the link below:

Select ‘Parents’ add your email address and click register/login and you will then receive an email from epraise which will contain a link for you to follow. You will then have access to your child’s epraise homepage.


If no children could be found in the ‘My Children section’ or the email address you entered is not recognised, it is probably due to your email address being different to the one on school file. In this case please contact the school to update your email address.