School Transport

Over the past year or so BFC has invested heavily in making safe walking routes to school with the result that the majority of students living in Episkopi now walk to and from school each day. For some students on the very outlying estates and for all of our students who live in Akrotiri, there are buses each day. The exact timings of the buses may change and should be checked with the relevant Hive Office. The return buses leave school at 14.00 each day. There is also a late bus for any students staying behind for extra-curricular activities. This bus leaves at 15.15 each day.

Parents need to register their children with the relevant family’s office before the start of the school year. Whilst the school can assist with any concerns regarding bus transport, the buses are the responsibility of the Garrison and are not contracted by or to the school.

Episkopi Families OfficeT:+357 2596 3340
Episkopi HiveT:+357 2596 2000
Akrotiri Families OfficeT:+357 2527 5739 or T:+357 2527 5339
Akrotiri HiveT:+357 2527 6390