A comprehensive set of policies exist in the school and inform much of what we do. Many of these policies concern themselves with staffing and other issues in the school and can be made available upon request.

MOD Schools do not receive Pupil Premium funding. 

School Bus Policy
Mission, Aims and Values
Anti Bullying Policy
Attendance Policy
Attendance- Term Time Leave
Behaviour Framework
General Student Acceptable Use
Staff Acceptable Use Policy
Equal Opportunities Policy
Home School Agreement
Special Educational Needs
Health and Safety Policy 2023-24
Accessibility Statement
Social Media for Students
Relationships, Sex and Health Education
Medicines in School
St John’s School Feedback and Marking Protocol
Staff Behaviour
Code of Conduct for Parents and Visitors to School
School Challenge Policy 2019
St John’s Remote Learning Policy 2020

Wider policies

DCS Social Media Statement
DCS Parent Code of Conduct Statement
DCS Volunteering Statement
DCS Mobile Phones Statement
DCS Dir 3.2.20 Water Safety for MOD schools and settings Annex A NOP
DCS Dir 3.2.20 Water Safety for MOD schools and settings Annex B EAP
DCS Dir 3.2.20 Water Safety for MOD schools and settings Annex C Risk Assessment
DCS Directive 0.5.2 DCS Complaints Management
DCS Directive 0.5.3 General Casework Management
DCS Directive 1.5.1. Induction v1.0
DCS Directive 3.1.5 Charging For School Activities
DCS Directive 3.2.8 Complaints Procedure for MOD schools settings Overseas
DCS Directive 3.2.9 Pupil Exclusion
DCS Directive 3.2.11 MOD Schools Outdoor Learning and School Visits v3.0
DCS Directive 3.2.12 Restrictive Physical Intervention
DCS Directive 3.2.14 School Governance Committees
DCS Directive 3.2.16 Managing Personal Intimate Care in MOD schools and settings
DCS Directive 3.2.20 Water
Safety for MOD Schools and Settings
DCS Directive 7.1.1 Data Protection within DCS
DCS Directive 7.1.3 Social Media
DCS Guidance Placement out of Chronological YG-v1.0
DCS Guidance Retention of Children in MOD Schools
DCS School Attendance
DCS School Accessibility Strategy
DES Whistleblowing and Raising a Concern FAQs
DES Whistleblowing and Raising a Concern Policy
DES Whistleblowing and Raising a Concern Process
SCE e-safety-policy
DCS Complaints Procedure
DCS Safeguarding Policy
DCS Exclusions Policy
DCS Schools Privacy Notice
DCS Charging and Remissions
DCS Restrictive Physical Intervention
DCS Data Protection within DCS
2021DIN01-134-Elective Home Education Overseas
20210831-Elective Home Education_Parental Guide_V1.0
20221013-DCS Dir 3.2.6_School Attendance_v3.0-o

If parents need a paper copy of any policy on this page; we will, on request, be happy to provide these free of charge.