Christos Christofi 
Exams Officer
[email protected]
Tel: +357 2596 8018

St John’s School is a mainstream UK comprehensive school and as such we offer the same range of examinations as schools in the UK. For example, the vast majority of our students sit GCSE examinations at the end of Yr11 and A level examinations at the end of Yr13. We also offer a limited range of BTEC and similar vocational qualifications. For an up-to-date list of examination courses on offer please consult the Yr9 Options booklet and the sixth Form Prospectus.

The examination procedures are carried out in exactly the same way as schools in the UK and are coordinated by our exams officer. Each year the exams officer will send out an up-to-date guide for parents which includes how the examination period will run, how transport to and from exams is arranged and, perhaps more importantly, how the results will be communicated to students during the summer.

Academic Year 2023-24


Examinations Policy
Internal Appeals Policy 
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Assessment Malpractice and Maladministration Policy
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Our attainment figures

Examination Timetables

Autumn 2023_GCSE Exams Timetable
Mock Exams GCSE Timetable 2023
Mock Exams GCE-BTEC Timetable 2023
January 2024 BTEC Exams Timetable
Summer 2024 Exams Timetable

Examination Results Dates

Autumn 2023:  11 January 2024 (GCSE)
January 2024:  21 March 2024 (BTEC L3)
Summer 2024:  15 August 2024 (GCE, Extended Project, BTEC L3)
Summer 2024:  22 August 2024 (GCSE, BTEC L1 & L2)

Guidance for Students and Parents

Instructions for candidates for written examinations – Video
Examinations 2023-24_Guidance for Students and Parents
Summer 2024 GCE Letter to parents (Y12-Y13)
Summer 2024 GCSE Letter to parents (Y11)

Results and Certificates collection

Results and Certificates Collection Form_v1.0

JCQ Information for candidates

Information for candidates – Written examinations
Information for candidates – Onscreen Examinations
Information for candidates – Non Examination Assessments (NEA)
Information for candidates – Coursework Assessments
Information for candidates – Social Media
Information for candidates – Privacy Notice
JCQ – Preparing to sit your exams