• English Language and English Literature (8 lessons per fortnight)
  • Mathematics (8 lessons per fortnight)
  • Science (Dual certification – 2 GCSEs) (10 lessons per fortnight)
  • Physical Education (3 lessons per fortnight)
  • Social, Moral and Spiritual Education (1 lesson per fortnight)
  • 4 Optional Subjects—one from each option block (5 lessons per fortnight)
  • All students must select at least 1 EBacc subject as indicated by the *
  • Students may of course select up to four Ebacc subjects if they wish to
  • Please remember to make a 1st and 2nd choice as not all options can be guaranteed
Block A Block B Block C Block D
German* ICT / Creative iMedia Geography* PE
French* History* RE Triple Science*
Food Preparation
and Nutrition
Business Studies
Drama Music Art

GCSE Options Booklet

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