Typical Day

08.00 Assembly/Tutorial time*
08.15 Lesson 1
09.15 Lesson 2
10.15 Break
10.35 Lesson 3
11.35 Lesson 4
12.35 Break
13.00 Lesson 5
14.00 Main school day finishes**
15.15 Late bus departs

With the notable exception of an earlier start and finish, relative to the UK, and the absence of lunchtime, a typical day at St John’s is very similar to that of any school.

* Tutorial time begins at 08.00. This 15 minutes spent with their Form Tutor, sets the scene for the day with uniform, equipment and homework checks being the routine, interspersed with school assemblies and a discussion of the Theme for the Week. This is followed by two 1 hour lessons. First break is after this and for most students this is the equivalent of lunchtime back home.

Two more lessons separate the first and second break. Second break is 25 minutes long and is a good time for the students to enjoy a range of additional activities on offer, for example PE, board games or homework clubs.

One more lesson separates this break from the end of the main school day.

** There are always a range of after school clubs and activities. These change each term and a full and up to date list will be published each half-term.