Year 12-13 Curriculum rationale

Curriculum intent:

The purpose of the Psychology curriculum is to inspire pupils in the understanding of the mind and behaviour in a scientific way. We aim to secure strong academic outcomes alongside a discovery of new and thought-provoking areas of study. By exploring a wide range of topics, pupils can find areas of interest which will raise their confidence and encourage them to embrace a growth mind set. The Psychology curriculum involves pupils learning about key psychological approaches across history and considering the applications psychology has had to society. They will develop mathematical skills to allow them to analyse research and statistical methods and to determine which research method is most appropriate for different types of study and subject matter.  Alongside learning a variety of new key terms and concepts, pupils will have to apply this knowledge, consider implications for the real world and evaluate studies and theories. We are committed to ensuring all pupils have high aspirations and providing support and provision to ensure all can succeed. The curriculum is designed to promote independence in every learner, enabling them to reach their full potential, whilst preparing them for their future higher education and careers choices. This is achieved through embedding new concepts into wider, complex psychological debates whilst applying them to everyday human and animal issues and behaviour.