School Governance Committee

School Governance Committee (SGC) members are interested members of the community, including parents of children at the school.

The current membership reflects a wide range of expertise and interest, and includes representation from parents; teaching and non-teaching staff; military personnel; Defence Children’s Services and St John’s School Senior Leadership Team.

We work with the Head Teacher and school staff to assist in making key decisions vital to the successful running of the school, contribute to decisions directly affecting the education and wellbeing of pupils, assist in improving standards throughout the school and monitor the school budget.

The SGC meets once a term as a whole committee to review and discuss school business, and represent the views of parents.

Main Roles

Provide a strategic overview
focusing on the key issues of raising standards of achievement, establishing high expectations and promoting effective teaching and learning
Act as a Critical Friend
providing the Head Teacher and Staff with support and advice using members’ knowledge and experience
Ensure Accountability
questioning and openly discussing with the Head Teacher the school’s performance and other issues, whilst respecting both the professional roles of the Head Teacher and school staff and their responsibilities for the management of the school

We do not act as the first line for complaints about any aspect of the school and its day to day work. There is a clear procedure to follow and the school should be contacted directly either via the Form Tutor, Head of Year or the Head Teacher.

Please note that SGCs in MOD schools vary in their activities compared to Governing bodies in the UK, where the Governors have greater executive responsibility in the management of schools including employment of staff.

DCYP Directive for School Governance Committees

Contact with a member of the SGC can be made at any time. We aim to be available at Academic Review days and other such school events to explain our role and discuss any issues parents may wish to raise with us.

SGC information leaflet
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SGC Agendas and Minutes

Current Academic Year
Previous Academic Years


Lt Col Paul Francis         



Station Commander Episkopi & Troodos

Jan Dowlen-Gilliland Vice Chair
Colin Guyton Acting Head Teacher
penny demetriou Penny Demetriou Secretary to the SGC
  Andrew O’Callaghan

Community Pride Sub Committee Lead

  Nichola Robertshaw Teaching Staff Rep /
Member of Student Mobility & Staff Wellbeing Sub Committees
Richard Roberts Support Staff Rep /
Member of Attendance & Student Mobility Sub Committees
  Mark Wilson

Attendance Sub Committee Lead

Robin Edwards Finance Sub Committee Lead
  Damon Donaldson

School Improvement Advisor, MOD Schools, DCS


Stuart Haggarty

Lead for Student Mobility

Committee member for Attendance & Safeguarding Provision

Clair Turner

Staff Wellbeing Sub Committee Lead

  Emma Ballard

Safeguarding Provision Sub Committee Lead

The following governors are also on the following School Governing Body:
Mr Robin Edwards – Episkopi Primary School

Mark Wilson – Episkopi Primary School